2015/ 2016

Feelings of my Thatched Hut
, Fritz Bornstück, Marco Montiel-Soto, Janes Schmallenberg, Ulrika Segerberg, Ada Van Hoorebeke, Julian Weber, curated by Amelie Wedel
  • Ingeborg, Ruhte, Gefühle unterm Strohdach, Berliner Zeitung, 23.07.2016. Click here

, Adalberto Abbate and Mario Consiglio
  • Mattioli, Massimo, Italiani in trasferta. Icone mediatiche destrutturate e ricomposte. Artribune, 17.02.16. Click here

Astral Dust Astral, Matyáš Chochola
  • ArtViewer, 03.02.16. Click here

ON FIRE – Notions of community in post-apartheid South Africa. Curated by Manuel Osterholt
  • ART@Berlin, 14.10.15. Click here

Safe and Sound (Evolutions), Alona Rodeh, curated by Mario Margani

  • Finel Honigman, Ana, Alona Rodeh. critics' picks, artforum.com, 01.10.15. Click here
  • Perlson, Hili, Nothing is safe at Alona Rodeh's 'Safe and Sound' exhibition in Berlin. Artnetnews, 30.09.15. Click here
  • Lechner, Regina, Party im Blaulicht. Zitty, 28.2015. Click here
  • Cover image, tip Berlin, 10.09.15.

NO SHOW MUSEUM. Curated by Andreas Heusser

  • Wyss, Thomas, Das Nichts ist unser aller Horizon, interview with Andreas Heusser. Tages Anzeiger, 27.05.15, p.20. Click here
  • Dondé, Danièle, artmagazine.de, 05.08.15. Click here
  • ART@Berlin, 23.07.15. Click here

Sculpture in four parts, Tatiana Echeverri Fernandez and Kirsten Palz
  • Slow Travel Berlin, 21.05.15. Click here

State of Conservation, Tobias Sjöberg
  • Malone, Sheena, An Interview with Swedish artist Tobias Sjöberg. Arterritory, 31.03.15. Click here