Fichte Strasse 2 10967

str.n. 27/603/54709

GRIMMUSEUM is a non-profit artist-run exhibition space and platform for visual, performance and sound art in the premises of the former Luise Grimm Museum in the Fichte Strasse 2 in Kreuzberg. GRIMMUSEUM opened its door on january 2010 and showed more than 150 international artist including: Cory Arcangel & Frankie Martin, Mark Titchner, Samuel Levack & Jennifer Lewandowski, Amie Dicke, Laurel Nakadate, Jen Ray, Kirstine Roepstorff, Iris Van Dongen, Mario Consiglio, Henrik Menné,
Michael John Whelan, Sinta Werner, Annika Larson, Anouk Kruithof,Kimberly Clark, Bettina Krieg, Klaus Jörres, Ivan Civic, Siân Robinson Davies, Christopher Kline...

GRIMMUSEUM was initiated by the artist Enrico Centonze in November 2009 with the goal to create an interdisciplinary platform for the Berlin-based artist and curator community, young as well as established, to push the boundaries of curatorial praxis and to stimulate the dialogue between Berlin and the international art community. The GRIMMUSEUM is organized by artists and its activities are divided in categories: visual, performance and sound art. A group of 6 international artists runs the interdisciplinary program of exhibitions, residencies, performances, that aims to be an exemplary representative of the spectrum of contemporary art.

GRIMMUSEUM is a non-profit organization and is entirely privately funded relying on the acquisition of third-party funding in order to realize its projects.

The activities of GRIMMUSEUM are structured in the following series:

Grim Projects presents a succession of exhibitions curated by established as well as young guest artists and curators. Grim Projects has the goal to push the boundaries between established and experimental ways to curate art and to give new input to the curatorial discourse.
The artistic program presents established and emerging artists to a wider public.

A new series of solo exhibitions by young and emerging artists still unknown to the wider Berlin public. 

Performance art curated by Andrés Galeano
Extension Series is a performance art program that aims to establish the GRIMMUSEUM as a permanent presentation space for performance art in Berlin.
Extension Series invites artists for short residencies in order to develop new works and organizes lectures and workshops about the theoretical and critical discourse on performance art today by inviting scholars, fomenting in this way the discussion with the public and the research on new methods of documentation of performance art.
Extension Series aspires a curatorial exchange with international performance art festivals and platforms.

Sound art curated by Marcel Türkowsky & Francesco Cavaliere
Whistle Minotaure! aims to bridge sound with performance and visual art by presenting international emerging sound artists and promoting the discussion about the critical and theoretical discourse on sound art. 
The program emphasizes the questions about how to experience a broader range of concepts and processes of contemporary art using sound as a basic medium.
Whistle Minotaure! offer sound artists the possibility to experiment new ways of presenting sound-based installation works on a white-cube exhibition situation.