Curated by Mario Margani
Artist: Luca Pozzi

The Messages of Gravity Talk:
03.03.2013, 4pm
With: Daniele Oriti, Joao Magueijo, Solvej Helweg Ovesen,
Paolo Chiasera, Luca Pozzi

Grimmuseum presents the first solo show with Lucca Pozzi in Berlin.

The exhibition unfolds a dialogue between installations, prints and further works. On this occasion Pozzi discloses his brand new project Oracle developed over more than two years of scientific, academic and artists collaborations within the fields of Loop Quantum Gravity, String Theory and Non Commutative Geometry. In pursuit of crossing paths and hybrid efforts, The Messages of Gravity asserts a fruitful exchange within the fields of knowledge, questioning our realm of reality.

The door-like shape of Oracle verges between an imaginative technological monolith and a gateway for multi-linked spaces, preserving and exchanging information beyond the linear conception of time. Thanks to a light-sensitive surface and through a detection and transduction system, the physical phenomenon induced by Pozzi, replays itself by remotely following an analog-to-digital-to- analog transmutation. By means of a forthcoming development, the motions loop over on satellite devices marking the screen with a physical and metaphysical presence. The potentiality of Oracle lies in a structure capable of generating equilibrium and constant accumulation whilst conserving information accessible “simultaneously” from multiple locations in a sort of cloud computing and nonlinear structure.

In 2011 Pozzi set his action on a earlier prototype of the master device of Oracle in the desolate region of the northwestern State of Washington (USA). The video-documentation of this encounter lets out the suspended climate of a silent dialogue withstanding straightforward comprehensions or rather favoring individual interpretations of an autonomous cryptic language. In the last decades the dichotomy of the general relativity/ quantum mechanics have been bridged resulting in new exiting Quantum Gravity hybridizations. Linking this gap requires an intuitive leap, an acceptance of the existence of a topological structure beyond the energy barrier between classical and experimental physics. With Oracle, Pozzi tries to pose this question leaving the field free for further considerations.

In Supersymmetric Partner, Pozzi uses his body to capture a metastable moment - a moment where two different realities join together to be repelled shortly hereafter. Through a series of photographs we see the artist leaping into Paolo Veronese’s crowded feasts. The camera’s ability to capture a moment in time enables Pozzi to defy gravity and appear in two narratives at the same time.

The series of Wall String - composed of hand-bended almond aluminum, magnets and Ping-Pong balls – call to mind the manifold movements and interaction of particles or spin vectors. The stasis of the balls suspended in perfect equilibrium marks a path in a geometric and pre-geometric structure, resembling the way information and data spreads around the world not determined by time and space.

The exhibition were kindly supported by RIOT STUDIO, Naples

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