Grimmuseum´s first participation in the Preview Berlin Art Fair with a solo presentation of the American artist and musician Christopher Kline.

13.09.2012, 8pm
Performance by Christopher Kline

Leap of Logic. The American artist Christopher Kline is an explorer and aesthete, who integrates visual art, performance, and music into his uninhibited creative practice. With an almost archeological instinct Kline digs out and unfolds patterns, materials, rituals, paintings, instruments or songs as vehicles to transcend or to enable the reach of a metaphysical state - not in a fictional sense, but as suggestive of one more shades of reality.

He has exhibited and performed widely in Berlin and internationally with his strangely magnetic, lively and liminal artwork, performance and music. The artwork appears as lyrical installations with drawings, shrines, paintings, quilts, robes and masks, as well as objects that all bear witness to their own unspoken life. The art and the music alike is mutually inspired by the artist's life in- and outside of the art world. The music Kline produces and performs mixes a whiz of styles and yet is often meditatively focused, ranging from international collaborations such as "Wooden Veil” and "Snakebraid", which operate within a world of abstracted ceremony, to the commercial pop act "Hush Hush", which functions as a self-styled “hit machine.”

Craft, art and rhythm meet in Kline's performances, but the dialogue between his artwork and music also appears within the visual artworks themselves such as in the delirious Op art-like painting series, "Holy Ropes", 2012, consisting of magnet or vessel-shaped colored rope patterns manipulating our perception, while the eye tries to follow their form. His deep care for materials, colors, handcraft and ritual context often create a coefficient aura of the work indicating or generating a surreal dimension of everyday life. Thus the work manifests in reference to the traditions of both art and craft and are inspired by Italian painter Giorgio Di Chirico's (1888-1978) Pittura metafisica, the presentation of objects in connection with their own secret past lives. Kline thus perceives a sort of "Magical Realism" in art as a door to other possibly true para-realities asking, "What can be gained from this leap of logic?"