13.04.2012- 13.05.2012

curated by Silvia Ploner & Anna Schäffler
Artists: Benjamin de Burca, Hiwa K., Phanos Kyriacou, Grischa Lichtenberger, Pia Linz, Federico Maddalozzo, Anna Oppermann, Nasan Tur, Kara Uzelman, Jan Vormann

To see, what one doesn´t see, sounds paradox, can however be experienced at any time.
The human eye is blind at one spot – the so called blind spot. Anatomically it is located where the optical nerv leaves the retina. In contrast to the rest of the eye this spot doesn´t have any receptors and thus can´t perceive any visual information. At the same time recognition is in principle only possible through that nerv. As the brain constantly complements both of the blind spots in our visual field, one can only become aware of them in a specific situation of perception.

In the same way the blind spot cannot be fixed, as it follows the movement of the eye,
x o brings together works that sharpen the awareness of how fragile fixed interpretations of meaning really are. Using different methodologies the works thematize/(focus on) the view itself and the forms of its perception.