SPEEDERBIKE PRIMITIVE - version Despina Stokou
- version Silja Leifsdottir

For the next show the Grim Projects curators invite Berlin Artists to take part in a curatorial experiment. Artists are invited to submit work proposals for the exhibition on an A4 page. They are asked to include visuals and information about the work such as title, dimensions, installation guidelines and refrain from giving any further details on their vita, galleries or other works. The two Grim Projects curators review the submitted works separately and each chooses the ones she believes will make up the perfect group show.
The first show will be curated by Stokou and will be inaugurated in the absence of Leifsdottir (at the time on a residency in Island) on the 19. March. The second show, curated by Leifsdottir, ignorant of any details about the first show, will be inaugurated on the first of April.

What makes up a good exhibition? How many exhibitions can be curated out of the same group of artists? Is there an endless number of ways to put up the same group of art works or is there only one? Can two persons of different backgrounds and preferences come to the same or similar result using the same material?

All the submitted A4 pages will be printed, unedited, making up the catalogue of the exhibition.

*A common misunderstanding as to the word Equinox (Latin aequus-equal and nox-night) is that it is often interpreted to mean: "equal day and night," but this is not strictly true. Equinoxes are not days (or nights), but rather the points in time, twice a year, when the tilt of the Earth's axis is inclined neither away from nor towards the Sun; the Sun being vertically above a particular point on the Equator.

What is true however about the equinoxes is that two observers at the same distance north and south of the equator will experience nights of equal length…

-version Despina Stokou
Artists: Min Jisook, Christina Zimmermann, Yngvild K Rolland, Xavier Mazzarol,
Ludovic Jecker, Ada van Hoorebeke, Anouk Kruithof, Babette Kleijn, Achim Horn,
Anne Neukamp, Daniel Kannenberg, Beate Rathke, Aleksandar Jestrovic´,
Daniel Salomon, Klaus Jörres, Dirk Rathke, Michael John Whelan, Pierre Juillerat,
Stefan Riebel, Bernd Imminger, Enrico Bressan, Haleh Redjaian, Andrea Weber,
Marion Auburtin, Constantin Dubois, Andreas Burger, Ofri Lapid, Julien Rouvroy,
Agathe Fleury, Johannes Gruber, Sidi Vanetti, Guillaume Alimoussa, Anna Bak,
Giulia Manfredi, Alberto Di Gennaro, Emmanuelle Rapin, Kati Gausmann

What if you could vanish physical principles and just jump on one of those hovering speederbikes the imperial storm troops use on Endor? Make one month wish calender out for 31 wishbones? A drawing for None or one or two shows? A bridge of coins? Would you Adopt a pigeon? It could be the result of hand made confetti production or a compass showing north. There is no Good and Bad. You are the channel. Swarovski’s grip, natural hair. Answer! It's not about maths, or theology not even the berlin wall, not metaphysical or psycophysical. Just an attempt to be part of a group. The Clone Ranger that can be extended in wallpaper style. It’s still cold outside – this winter will never end. A Bust to pay homage to the innovator of the famous German „Raufasertapete“. To all the things that could have been here too. Stick to the wall with tape. Gold Stream Flows. Broken Ornaments on eternal hunting grounds. You don't get it, do you? It can produce a sense of annoyance more or less intense. A good example how we can observe things from different points of standings. Death, Disaster and Expensive Handbags. Adjust so it hangs straight. The instrument looks like a typewriter, but every letter is a different tone. Recomended to be installed in an angle to a light source, or a window. No order has been decided yet. So wir werden sehen ob es lustig wird. Gratuliere. Fuck you. Be a little bit free Mr Grim.

This is speederbike primitive. Your life. Your art. Trust me.

- version Silja Leifsdottir
Artists: Alberto Di Gennaro, Achim Horn, Anouk Kruithof, Babette Kleijn, Bastian Vogel, Benjamin Lee Martin, Bettina Krieg, Emmanuelle Rapin, Enrico Bressan, Georg Parthen, Giulia Manfredi, Heiko Rintelen, Helen Acosta Iglesias, Jessica Snidersich,
Ludovic Jecker, Madeleine Boschan, Marion Auburtin, Michael John Whelan,
Xavier Mazzarol,Yngvild Rolland

This is where you can see if two persons from different backgrounds and with different preferences can come to the same result.
This is what I loved.
This is when you can see what the difference is.
This is when you make up your mind.