SPIRITS AND LANDSCAPES curated by Ada Van Hoorebeke (The Broken Ornament)
Artists: Özlem Altin, Laurent Dupont, Garitte,Yoko Enoki, Maartje Fliervoet,
Anouk Kruithof, Paul Labrecque, L.R.J. Martens, Nele Tas, Stijn Van Dorpe

Spirits and Landscapes is an exhibition without definite form. Its incarnation at the Grimmuseum could be seen as an ephemeral landscape, a brief encounter of autonomous particles.

This total installation is brought together by the Broken Ornament, a little figure with the physical appearance of a cracked cup that wanders between worlds. Its open brainpan and leaking content suggest a direct connection with its surroundings.
Most of the works were made in different contexts and are, in most cases, rather atypical in the artists' production. What connects them is a sense for communicating with and through raw material.