Artist: Despina Stokou

Artist Despina Stokou, who curated the whole Project will present a series of her own works with the title D12 and at the same time a curatorial index of all the D12 shows, movie and literature examples. Stokou’s D12 show will be inaugurated a few weeks into the series in the second room of Grimmuseum and will run parallely until the end of it. As the D12 series unfolds, Stokou will choose artists-works from all the other shows to enrich her own, in an everchanging show of shows. The space being limited, she will find herself in the position of balancing between presenting her own works and that of other artists.

“The question I had to answer more frequently in the last months is “what do you prefer: work as an artist or as a curator?” To this I invariably answer: “arghhm…” Then I finish my wine and go fetch another. I see only a handfull of reasons for someone to acquire a double identity: work in porn industry, be a super hero and not being able to help it are on top of the list. Not having to answer questions like that, might come next…but then again you don’t want to mess with your Google charts early on.”

I am an artist.

I am not blond.

I am not sure.

He said: I am sorry.

I am soooo drunk.

Of course I am not happy.

I still am Nadja...sometimes.

I am both a woman and a jew.

I am sorry I find this quote

a bit weird.

You’re not jewish but uhm...

i recommend editing it maybe?

This is apretty antisemetic, Victorian thing to say....

We have an alter ego employee, that is our head

of communication.

He might curate shows in the future.

For now he works mostly in the office. 

She is also happy!

Stralsunder str ist es egal.

Haloo Despina, using undercover name Jamesdin, witch it is often between Balkan gypsy’s, with Elvis, Rambo and  Roki as well .Im using this pseudonym that  Polizei cant trace me to find out haw long im staying in EU beacuse im not EU citizen.Already was having a problems but i fuck them.1:0

Honey you have an ego the size

of Alasca do you really think

you need another one?

You have to leave your art ego aside at some point.

Women don’t need a big ego.

In New York it would be a scandal if a gallery director curated a show at an independent space.

Ahm please don’t start this

about artists being superior

human beings again.

Oh please artists are whores, artists are zombies who cares as long as artists are selling?

Like; seriously...zombies?

Not even vampires?

Selbstausbeutung. What does that even mean? Like masturbating??

I am sorry Kippenberger organised shows, parties, edited fanzines, made stickers, flyers, posters, gave all night lectures in bars, even bought a club. He only started painting when the money was out.

Was treibt Künstler Ausstellungen zu kuratieren?

You curate curators, that makes you an organisator.

An arttator!


Oh potato –tomato who cares...

I used to be an artist too you know... I am telling you - watch out! If you continue like this you will end up a curator like me.