SYNCOPATION curated by Francesca Gavin
Artists: Cory Arcangel & Frankie Martin, Oliver Laric, Paolo Chiasera & DJ Shablo, Ajit Chauhan, Mark Titchner, Jayson Scott Musson, Jeremy Shaw, Samuel Levack
and Jennifer Lewandowski, Matt Stokes

SYNCOPATION brings together work that explores the intersection between art and music. The aim is to demonstrate, how artists are inspired and interpret sound and music in text, photographs, video, performance works and painting.

The title was chosen to play on the idea of artworks as a form of rhythm or melody – playing concurrently and creating something new and stimulating when placed together. Much of the work touches on the difficulty to arrange and reason with musical experience, turning the aural into something aesthetic. The show also loosely touches on how the spiritual aspect of music manifests in the modern forms of hip hop, rave and other musical tribalism.

The exhibition’s basis is an unusually personal one. It was conceived around the jazz singer alter ego of writer and curator Francesca Gavin – a factual rather than fictional persona.

“I learnt to read music before I learnt to read words. I attended a Suzuki school aged 3, studying rhythm and chord structures as a toddler. My grandmother started Dial Recordings, which released many of Charlie Parker’s recordings. My father was a folk singer who grew up around Count Basie, Leadbelly and opened for John Lee Hooker. As a teenager, I worked playing piano and singing jazz below fleapit cinemas and in hotel bars. I sang in St Pauls Cathedral. My vocals appeared on a cheap London garage 12”. Aged 21, my voice dropped an octave and I hardly sang again.”

Playing with the idea of the curation as a form of performance, curator Francesca Gavin will also sing a jazz set accompanied by pianist Julien Quentin alter ego at the opening of the show on October 21.