I DON´T NEED ENEMIES curated by Mario Margani
Artist: Mario Consiglio

GRIMMUSEUM presents the first Mario Consiglio solo show in Berlin.

Today Mario Consiglio’s target is Italy, the one that is revolving like a twister and morphing into a swastika, the one that loses pieces as well as people. A centrifuging space swallowing up and rejecting everything, risking to get lost in the void. Mario Consiglio works on the ironic and desecrating alteration of pictures and icons, reusing materials, approaching the decadence of contemporary society. His artistic research breaks the accommodating art system and states the freedom of shape and expression. His communication is strong and direct like a punch in the stomach. The topic is todays Italy, introduced through its vices and sins. A country stunned and stucked before a funny master who keeps on throwing the ball and knows there will always be a dog to fetch it. Italy stares at this ball, finding it sexy and reassuring. When you don’t know who you are, the ball can provide an identity and mission;it will become your target. Mario Consiglio has followed this target. He has produced valuable targets indeed and successfully introduced them into the art market. Two years ago he moved to Berlin. His targets seems to be deformed by this new point of view and nowadays Consiglio can better analyse what it’s going on in the surroundings of the target.

People’s identity has faded away into the television - Italians favourite target. Mario’s enemies come out from this void-multiplier box. Nevertheless these enemies have no body, yet they live in many and creep into everyday life. They are called indolence, indifference, getting along waiting for better times, zapping as a way of life. Nobody needs these enemies. However these are some of the main features of a ‘running on empty’ Italy: riding a bike without chain, a fish which feels free in an aquarium, a stone pasted to a sling, a neverending coitus interruptus. It’s a contagious and dangerous disease because it makes one feel good.
The People’s troubles are easier to detect from a proper distance, but therefore makes it harder for one to react. Because of this distance a huge quantity of emigrants turned into an Eskimos exiled army, faces as black as a thunder, armed to the teeth to retake their land and will fail their mission. Here came the ‘n’th box from which they can only witness and watch Italian decadence impotently