TRAVELIN´ LIGHT curated by Felisa Funes
Artists: Juliette Bonneviot, Marlous Borm, Simone Gilges, Kinga Kielczynska, Sophie Reinhold, Heji Shin, Juliane Solmsdorf, Helga Wretman, Nathan Baker, Anne De Vries, Matteo Giordano, Hannes Schmidt, Maxwell Simmer, James Whipple

The exhibition’s title Travelin’ Light is taken from a classic Billie Holiday song. In its verses she bemoans the loss of love, yet through the repetition of this phrase “I’m travelin’ light” the singer insists she is now on coarse to creative freedom. The themes of light, both physical and spiritual, lightness of form and weight, as well as travel are manifest in this group exhibition of textile-based works.

Holiday sings, “ No one to see I’m free as the breeze, No one but me and my memories”. In organizing this exhibition the transformative nature of fabric was a primary interest. Here cloth is not only called upon to provide form (as in some regions of the world where it is primary shelter) and utilitarian function; but also as a way to direct our attention to time, memory, and culture. The artist selected for this exhibition have used textiles either directly or as one step of a working process. The result is a show of unexpected approaches to a medium with which we interact daily but don’t often have the space or cause to contemplate.