UNFOLDING: PROCESSES/SPACE/TIME- An exhibition in three stages

UNFOLDING: PROCESSES curated by Lian Ladia and Jerlyn Jareunpoon, Victor Wang
Artists: Mai Yamashita, Nayoto Kobayashi, Futurefarmers, The First Collection by Atladóttir & d’Ors

UNFOLDING: SPACE curated by Marlies Oud and Sandra Kramer
Artists: Julien Grossmann, Isabel Simões

UNFOLDING: TIME curated by Caterina Benvegnù and Guia Cortassa
Artists: Soda_Jerk, Kajsa Dahlberg

Unfolding: Processes/Space/Time is a series of exhibitions organized by the curators at Node Center for Curatorial Studies at the end of their 3 month residency, in a working dynamic that creates a dialogue and encourages collaboration between artists and curators.

The seven curators were asked to show the work of an artist with different formal restrictions while working in close collaboration with the artist. This began with the challenge to show the work of the artist using only the curator's desk, in total absence of the artwork itself. At the second stage, the curators were asked to show the artist's work on a piece of DIN A3 paper.

Each time a piece of paper is folded, its thickness increases. If we fold a piece of paper 10 times, the thickness will be approximately the width of a hand; if one imagines a piece of paper that can be folded infinitely, then fold it 28 times and the thickness is about 8000 metres, the height of Mount Everest; fold it 10 more times and it exceeds 12000 kilometres, the diameter of Earth. The action of folding is an exponential multiplier of possibilities; conversely, the action of unfolding is the discovery of the fold, from crease to crease. Perhaps it is then the role of the curator to unfold with the artist the complexity of the artwork.

Unfolding: Processes/Space/Time at the GRIMMUSEUM is the third and final stage of the curators' exercise, where the curators will present the actual artwork in a physical space. Node Center for Curatorial Studies offers a platform to investigate subjects related to curatorial studies and contemporary art practices. The Center's core activity stems from the Curatorial Studies Program that offers its participants the opportunity to develop projects in Berlin. Node is a dynamic space were professional interactions take place in the form of seminars, artist presentations, and other activities that explore the complexity of curatorial work. It is a meeting point for curators, artists, and people responsible for the artistic scene in Berlin.

An exhibition organized by Node Center for Curatorial Studies – Berlin, in collaboration with GRIMMUSEUM and Künstlerhaus Bethanien.