NANEZDRAVì curated by Vladimir Isailović
Artist: Robert Barta

While standing with both feet on the Greenwich Prime Meridian, as far as the mind's eye could reach, one might see, in each and every direction, a multitude of similar smoke filled rooms, where men and women, holding their glasses up high, praise the basics of human survival: unity and belonging. And as much as these delimited spaces differ in their appearance, their primal purposes persist: sit, drink, talk.

Robert Barta does his share of it. But interim, his creative curiousity traces the behavioural and structural elements of contemporaneity, rotating them through 360 spatial degrees and 86.400 time units between sunrise and nightfall. He dissects, dissolves, purifies, coagulates and combines them, thus proposing the revitalised dynamics and aesthetics of the common.

The 4th of the Grimm Solo exhibition series, Robert Barta's NANEZDRAVÌ, invites us to a revised space of urban meeting, Beergarden, which, once squeezed into a shell of gallery life, bursts at its seams, shifting the spectators point of view to the margins of interaction. In the company of antagonist-objects, joyful in their frenetic self-sufficiency, the notions of open and closed, the inside(r) and outside(r), switch places, depriving one another of their semiotic inherence.