POST-WAR and CONTEMPORARY curated by Jonatan Ahlm Brenander
Artists: Ingvild Hovland Kaldal and Alfred Boman

The present is a blind spot. Between what we experience and experience itself a shadow has fallen – a self-fulfilling prophecy foretold by the oracles of the 20th century. These critics of mind, soul and capital slowly turned into the architects of a great mistrust that came to define our age. Their skepticism made immediate experience appear hazardous, the momentary dangerous to inhabit and even more dangerous to describe. We seem to be inhabitants of a wasteland just beyond this disaster-site that was the contemporary. Post-war and Contemporary is an exhibition by and for the post-apocalyptic men and women of the 21st century. Jonatan Ahlm Brenander, Alfred Boman and Ingvild Hovland Kaldal present an attempt to map out this phenomenological shadow-land with the intention of crossing it. The exhibition will consist of newly produced paintings, assemblages, installations and sculptures illustrating these notions of broken histories, as well as the possibilities of future movement.

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