LA MER EN HIVER curated by Mario Margani
Artist: Andrea Salvino

La Mer en Hiver is the first solo show in Berlin by Andrea Salvino, who presents a new series of works as the result of research into the representation of woman during the German National-Socialist regime. Salvino digs deep into documents, photos, letters and objects without making political or ideological judgments. His selection draws attention to the clashing aspects of female representation as manifested in the collective imagination.

This visual survey points to a sequence of shifting meanings implicit within the media representation of the female figure. Disturbing features draw direct links to dark moments in political history: the housewife, the victim of war atrocities, the nazi-women sexualized in films and comics produced from the ’60s in many countries all over the world. Salvino uses this material as a point of departure for drawings and paintings, depicting forgotten protagonists of some affairs and events that have left their mark on the social, political and cultural history of a country. Nowadays these obliterated protagonists may still arouse uneasiness and ask uncomfortable questions, refreshing fading memories.
Salvino`s work is defined by an anacronistic and balanced technique. He chooses to portray people and not charachters, avoiding creating pop-icons. Thanks to the appropriation and decontextualization of stories, the combination of real and fictional images shapes a thick iconographic corpus. A Debordian détournement assails the observer through uninterrupted and disorienting shifts between memory and obliteration.

In recent years Salvino has turned his attention to the typology of the real and fictional ‘antagonist’, considered from a narrative point of view: violent demonstrators, elusive enemies of the law, anti-heroes and evil geniuses. La Mer en Hiver faces the issue of female representation during the tragic german nazi era, when women became a key factor during the oppressive regime which developed the use of visual propaganda with frighteningly effective results and unerasable consequences upon the imagination of society.


Andrea Salvino
was born in Roma in 1969 and currently lives in Berlin.
Some of his personal exhibitions include: Nicht Versöhnt oder Es hilft nur Gewalt wo Gewalt herrscht / Non riconciliati o solo violenza aiuta dove violenza regna; Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin, 2011; Antagonista, Antonio Colombo Arte Contemporanea, Milan, 2005; Donne facili, Corvi-Mora, London, 2003; Il disprezzo, Fondazione A. Olivetti, Rome, 2001.
He was featured in many group exhibitions, among others ITaliens, Ambasciata d’Italia, Berlin, 2011; When in Rome, Istituto italiano di Cultura, Los Angeles, 2011; Italics. Arte italiana fra tradizione e rivoluzione 1968-2008, Palazzo Grassi, Venice, MCA Chicago, 2008

Recently published in Italy by NERO and available during the show at GRIMMUSEUM.