Co-curated by Testing Grounds and Andrés Galeano
Artists:Bill Aitchison & Tim Jevees

Performances: 04.04.2011 19:30 h.
Open talk: 24.04.2011 18h. Live Art and its development in UK, with Chistopher Hewitt and Testing Ground.

Testing Grounds (UK) and Extension Series are working together to commission artists Bill Aitchison and Tim Jeeves to take part in a residency at GRIMMUSEUM Berlin, to make and present new Live works.

Both Tim Jeeves and Bill Aitchison express the difficulty of understanding in both a literal and metaphysical sense where one is situated, historically, geo-politically and socially in the world nowadays. In both artists work we encounter the dizzying sensation of vertigo – the sense of groundlessness, of the world moving beneath our feet even whilst stationary.

This leads both artists use disorientation as an artistic strategy, intentionally going to great lengths to displace themselves; creating semionautical trajectories in relation to time and space; to life and death and to the Other in order to create a shifting multilayered sense of self-awareness and self-identity - in response to the complexity of the world in which they live.

This method of disorientation as an artistic strategy through which to gain new perspectives both for the individual artist and on behalf of the audience takes many different forms - as the artists work in very different contexts in different countries, employing both humour and thoughtful sensibility - But in general through their approach we are reminded of the strategy of the mountaineer who seeking to find the best route up an uncharted mountain, decides to instead to turn around and climb another mountain – knowing that from its peak he will then have the best vantage point to begin to work out the route up the first mountain.

Bill Aitchison recent has thus recently spent time in China learning Mandarin, this experience has focused his self-awareness as a westerner, and through which he is attempting to better understand himself from a Chinese perspective (a dizzying if not impossible task?) and make performances about this in Mandarin. In yet another displacement Aitchison will be developing this for Testing Grounds/Extension Series attempting to realign, retranslate this research for European and German audiences.

Tim Jeeves is writing for 24 hours on the nature of the transience of time, about the impossibility of planting a firm anchor in the present moment, or in relation to the past or future – as he writes “what we worry about often doesn’t come to pass, and what we remember often didn’t happen. We are rarely even certain of that which is around us.” Combining esoteric reflections on our relationship with time with more personal information about his own fight with cancer and conversations with his parents on their view of death – Jeeves will attempt to explore uncertainty.

Both artists are concerned with putting different signs from different discoures across the world into relationship with each other, and in so doing are looking for ways to locate meaning (or point to its dislocation) on the world-stage and beyond, but also lead to unexpected questions.
A strong mise en abyme, the work embodies several crucial elements of Live Art: a live space for the discovery of new modes of expression and exploration through the cross-over of diverse ideas, cultures and technologies.

But we do not get any answers. As Aichinson puts itwe “value potential of the moment and the experience of participating in something unrepeatable” and hence for allowing the experience room for interpretation.

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