curated by Andrés Galeano

Artists: Bartolomé Ferrando & Joan Casellas

Performance: 16.06.2011 19:30h
Lecture: 19 June, 19:00
The Spanish Performance Art
Archive AIRE by Joan Casellas

Extension Series 10 focuses on Action Poetry, a very relevant approach to
Performance Art in Spain, that combines Performance Art with experimentalpoetry tendencies, such as phoneticpoetry, visual poetry, concrete poetry, etc.
Bartolomé Ferrando and Joan Casellas,two established Spanish performance
artists, have been invited for this week-long residency to develop a new work
and show their own way of understanding the relationship between Performance
and Action Art and Poetry.

Bartolomé Ferrando
was born in Valencia, Spain in1951. He isa Performer, visual poet, full lecturer in
performance and intermedia art at ValenciaPolytechnical University and founder of the
magazine Texto Poético. As a performertakes part in festivals and encounters
held in Europe, Canada, EEUU, Mexico,Japan, Korea, China, Vietnam, Singapore,
Argentine, Venezuela and Chile. He exhibitshis visual and concrete poetry in different
cities in Spain, France and Italy. He Forms part of the groups Flatus Vocis Trio, Taller
de Música Mundana, Rojo, SIC and 3 i no res,who undertake creative practices half way
between music, poetry and action art. Apart from Texto Poético he has published, the
poetry books, Jocs, Poetic proposals, Trazos, Latidos, En la frontera de la voz, Valencia
and Nudos de viento; the essays Hacia una poesía del hacer (Towards a poetry of doing),
El arte intermedia, La mirada móvil (The mobile gaze) and El arte de la performance.
Elementos de creación, different recordings on MC, LP and CD and several videos and
dvd of performances.

“I always take the poetic image as a starting point in my work in the realm of visual poetry, object poetry, object book, sound poetry, installation and performance. The sphere of poetry helps me to build, to construct pieces and structures which I can use to approach and head into the areas of music, plastic art and action. The result of all this is an oeuvre that could be categorised and set in the field of intermediate art, a practice in which the most prominent feature is that a work can be interpreted from the angle of at least two different artistic domains, since it straddles both areas.I would finally like to add the fact that humour can be found in many of my objects and performances, trying to make its presence felt from the interiority of the pieces.”

Joan Casellas
was born in1960 in Teià (Barcelona), Spain. He is one of the outstanding representatives
of the Spanish parallel art scene during the 1990s. He has staget actions througout
Spain, Europe and America,has led workshops and addressed conferences in various universities, and published numerous articles abaut performance
art. In 1992, he set up the magazine AIRE, which has compiled the most complete
photographic archive recording the performanceart of his generation. He has
been a member of numerous artistic selfmanagement collectives, such as the CLUB7, and has also organised festivals and exhibitions.

“I base my work on the inmediate context and not requiring anything unconnnected with the place. The actions are related to the concept of “here and now” but in a less
imperative and dramatic way; “right here” simply adapts itself to the place with a conviction that all places are propitious. Implicitly it is a manifesto of artistic ecology and direct communication.”

The performance Kopfaktion (Head Action) is dedicated to the Fluxus artist Emmett
Williams. The Action Art is a kind of conceptual art, “mental art”or let ‘s say an
art of the head. Action Art is at the same time a physical art that uses the body, and
the head is part of this body.