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Demian Kern

Night night eyes and
night night nose and
night night toes
good night, dear paperboy

Exhibition: 15.03 – 02.05.2020

For the past six weeks Demian was painting while most others were sleeping. During this time, we have been thinking about those who are awake at night, about empty shells and getting lost. Two weeks ago, on leap day, Demian and two dancers Rosalie Stark and Anna Lena Häußler showed a performance that explored shaking as a state of being. Last week we read Against Ordinary Language by Kathy Acker, an essay about bodybuilding, language and dreaming.

The solo exhibition
Night night eyes and night night nose and night night toes good night, dear paperboy shows new works by Demian Kern which he has realized during his residency at Grimmuseum. He invited Jonathan Schneider (Mattlack) to develop a generative sound piece for the exhibition, re-using a soundsystem which Demian had brought together for the last dance performance.


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"What actually takes place when I bodybuild? The crossing of the threshold from the world defined by verbal language into the gym in which the outside world is not allowed (and all of its languages) (in this sense, the gym is sacred) takes several minutes. What happens during these minutes is that I forget. Masses of swirling thought, verbalised insofar as I am conscious of them, disappear as mind or thought begins to focus." - Kathy Acker in Against Ordinary Language


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Dance performance by
Anna Lena Häußler, Demian Kern, Rosalie Stark
Saturday, 29.02.2020
Doors open at 8pm, performance starts 8.30pm
Please be on time

"Lost really has two disparate meanings. Losing things is about the familiar falling away, getting lost is about the unfamiliar appearing. There are objects and people that disappear from your sight or knowledge or possession; you lose a bracelet, a friend, the key. You still know where you are. Or you get lost, in which case the world has become larger than your knowledge of it." - Rebecca Solnit

The dance performance is a result of a year-long collaboration between dancers Anna Lena Häußler, Rosalie Stark and artist and musician Demian Kern, in which they explore shaking as state of being. The piece has been shown at Shoefrog and at
We need more than one term for these big things curated by Melanie Ohnemus at Heiligenkreuzer Hof, both in Vienna.

Anna Lena Häusler (DE/AT) and Rosalie Stark (DE/AT) are performers based in Vienna. After their studies of dance and eurythmy at dance works, Berlin and Alanus Hochschule für Kunst und Gesellschaft, Bonn, they founded
nun performing arts collective and have been realising dance performances and working in educational contexts for the past five years.

The dance performance takes place in the framework of Demian Kern's studio residency at Grimmuseum from 01.02 - 31.03.2020.