Monday, 18 Decemeber 2017, 6 pm
Join us for an evening curated by Grimmuseum's artist-in-residence Peter Voss-Knude with a talk by writer Kristian Vistrup Madsen and a video screening by artist Liesel Burisch. Followed by a conversation between the three, hot Glühwein and æbleskiver.

Based on his correspondence with a Californian prisoner, Kristian Vistrup Madsen has written the novel Doing Time, a personal and investigative reflection on the politics of solidarity and the nature of difference.
Kristian will talk about his thoughts as they have developed since finishing the book: Can there be such a thing as real reciprocity between the inside and outside of the prison wall? What are the implications of using other people’s lives as raw material for art?
These questions resonate with Peter Voss-Knude’s work as they look at the ethics of inclusion, the possibilities of (or even just the desire towards) new unions across race and class, on artistic doubt and risk taking.


Liesel Burisch’s video “A Sporadic” we become witness of a dying elephant in Samburu, Kenya. The elephant’s final heavy and slow last breaths suspend the viewer into an endless wait, in which death hasn’t yet arrived but life is undoubtedly about to end. Besides being a deeply moving piece, it speaks directly about the limits of photographic representation and the correlation between image and death.

Peter Voss-Knude is a Danish artist and composer who has written a pop music record in collaboration with the army – Peter & the Danish Defence.

During his residency at Grimmuseum, Peter Voss-Knude will write new music, hereby drawing on his longstanding relation to the army and his
research on the interconnectedness between power, masculinity, language and war. ... –>
In spring 2018, Grimmuseum will present a solo exhibition with new works by Peter Voss-Knude.

Peter Voss-Knude (b. 1987 in Copenhagen, DK) lives and works in Copenhagen and Berlin. He studied Fine Art & Art History at Goldsmiths University, London, UK. He has exhibited and performed concerts at Last Tango (with Fiona Banner), Zurich, CH (2017); National Galllery, Copenhagen, DK (2017); Code Art Fair, Copenhagen, DK (2017); Overgarden, Copenhagen, DK (2017); National Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen, DK (2016); Counter Space, Zurich, CH (2015), amongst others.